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  • sidesign

    A project born from the desire to create a new brand in the world of lighting design, using the experience and strength of an historic brand of technical lighting like Side. We dedicated our entire team together with the company management to identify the correct feel for the brand naming, exploring many directions and ideas, and defining SiDesign as the most suitable solution.

    The synergy between communication, research and design has allowed us to identify the elements of distinction and define the language, the quality, and the style; elements that we established with the naming, through the definition of the brand, then into the development of digital communications tools, advertising campaigns and activities such as the "Fuori Salone" during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.



    An industrial niche yet reality multinational company, a manufacturer of satin and colored glass, for architecture and interior design, with which it is born a decade-long collaboration. A communication project that has grown, developed, evolved over time, becoming the backbone of corporate strategies. Strategies, projects, tools, actions that consistently and vision, have defined a precise and recognized identity.

    The strong collaboration between Oikos, Omnidecor and the designer has allowed to build a meaningful communication path, intense and focused, which has evolved with many different ways.



    A historical brand of Italian design, already since the 80’s and 90’s strongly oriented to an international vision of the made in Italy. The challenge for Dema was to set appropriate communication, which effectively transmit the brand identity, and long experience in the manufacture of upholstered furniture.

    The project have seen us involved in defining a language that transfer the brand and product values through style, research, formal rigor and quality manufacturing. Oikos and Dema together developed a refined contemporary identity, the International breath and with strong Italian roots.  One of the predominant themes of the communication project has been consistency, defined through the development communication tools all cohesive, that have return a strong brand perception made of values and emotions.



    From the technical to the emotions – This is the first element of communication strategy that has guided us in the intense and rewarding work developed for Cleaf. An industrial reality that thanks to the attentive and visionary team, believed to a communication project and long-term development, impactful and innovative.

    The perception of a technical company, limited to manufacturing and limited geographical areas, has been completely changed in a few years. Today, thanks to communications and product development, the perception and reality is an international company that dictates the trends of the sector. Strategy, design and art direction have developed images, actions, catalogs, digital media, logos and what is necessary to the definition of a design identity sought oriented, safe and effective.



    An imaginary world of elegance, seduction, attention to detail and a sophisticated normality. This is what the Italian lingerie brand Ritratti wanted to interpret and transmit through a communication strategy and a rigorous art direction and coordinated.

    The synergy of the workgroup that we created has been fundamental to the success of the project, through the interaction with the style department, strategic direction and sales department, we have defined a crossmedia communication project, that started with the art direction, and move to develop tools and actions, all together as a strong expression of the brand's values.